area and outline cutting for English speaking users

area and outline cutting

Сообщение keyman » 17 май 2016, 22:26

Hey there,
i am trying to use all functions of gcodetools because i want to make a small german howto for it.
so i chose a project from my list to get this done with gcodetools.
up right now im unsuccessfull in getting it to work as i'm expecting.

attached is an svg-file.
layer "cutting": here i want to cut along outlines (the drawing has the outlines)
layer "area": here i want to make a small pocket (only 1,5mm deep) and fill that out.

but area is not working :((
can anyone help me with that and how this is done only with gcodetools?

by the way: inkscape 0.91 and gcodetools1.7

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Re: area and outline cutting

Сообщение tarianz » 21 сен 2016, 06:57

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