Tabs or bridges for English speaking users

Tabs or bridges

Сообщение James628 » 22 фев 2013, 19:31


Is there any possibility in Gcodetools (maybe in dev version) which I can use to prevent flying/jumping out parts after they are fully cut out/around?
They are called "tabs" or "bridges" in other CAM tools and G code generators.
Or perhaps the current voting "Live bridges while cutting [export]" is all about it?

If there is no such functionality implemented right now, can you advice some tricks, which can be used instead?

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Re: Tabs or bridges

Сообщение Nick » 25 фев 2013, 19:13

It's not implemented yet. :(
But there's a trick... the trick is to use custom depth function and split a path. There's a video on youtube about it, but it's in Russian. ... VgXx-HKXVs

Hmmm... yousually youtube sujests me to translate the video I'm watching, but now I can not find that button...
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